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Pest Index B:


Bagworm (See Moth, Bagworm)

Beetle, Alder and Birch Borer (Dicerca hesperoborealis)

Beetle, Anobiid (Vriletta decorata)

Beetle, Apple Curculio Weevil (Tachypterellus quadrigibbus)

Beetle, Asparagus (Crioceris asparagi)

Beetle, Bean Leaf (Cerotoma trifurcata)

Beetle, Bean Weevil (Acanthoscelides obtectus)

Beetle, Boll Weevil (Anthonomous grandis)

Beetle, Bostrichid (Polycaon stouti)

Beetle, Cabbage Curculio Weevil (Ceutorhynchus rapae)

Beetle, Carrot (Ligyrus gibbosus)

Beetle, Carrot Weevil (Listronotus oregonensis)

Beetle, Citrus Root Weevil (Diaprepes abbreviatus)

Beetle, Clover Rootworm (See Grape Colaspsis Beetle)

Beetle, Colorado Potato (Leptinotarsa decemlineata)

Beetle, Corn Flea (Chaetocnema pulicaria)

Beetle, Corn Wireworm (Melanotus communis)

Beetle, Cowpea Weevil (Callosobruchus maculatus)

Beetle, Dung (Family Scarabaeidae)

Beetle, Eastern Field Wireworm (Limonius agonus)

Beetle, Eggplant Flea (Epitrix fuscula)

Beetle, Elm Bark (Scolytus multistiatus)

Beetle, Elm Leaf (Pyrrhalta luteola)

Beetle, Eyed Elater (Alaus melanops)

Beetle, Fig (Cotinis texana)

Beetle, Flatheaded Appletree Borer (Chrysobothris femorata)In Work

Beetle, Flea (Phyllotreta striolata)

Beetle, Fruit and Madrone Wood Borer (Neoclytus conjunctus)

Beetle, Golden Buprestid (Buprestis aurulenta)

Beetle, Grape Colaspis (Colaspis brunnea)

Beetle, Grape Flea (Altica chalybea)

Beetle, Ground (Carabus nemoralis)>See Beneficials

Beetle, Ground Fiery Searcher (Calosoma scrutator)>See Beneficials

 Beetle, Japanese(Popillia japonica)

Beetle, June (Phyllophaga sp.)In Work

Beetle, Klamathweed(Chrysolina quadrigemina)>See Beneficials

Beetle, Lady (See Ladybugs)

Beetle, Margined Blister(Epicauta pestifera)

Beetle, May (See June Beetle)

Beetle, Mexican Bean(Epilachna varivestas)

Beetle, Northern Corn Rootworm (Diabrotica sp.) 

Beetle, Pacific Flathead Borer (Chrysobothris mali)

Beetle, Pacific Powder Post (Hadrobregmus gibbicollis)

Beetle, Pecan Weevil (Curculio caryae)

Beetle, Pepper Weevil (Anthonomuous eugenii)

Beetle, Pine Sawyer (Prionis sp. & Ergates sp.)wpeA.jpg (1388 bytes)

Beetle, Plum Curculio Weevil (Conotrachelus nenuphar)

Beetle, Potato Flea (Epitrix cucumeris)

Beetle, Potato Stalk Borer Weevil (Trichobaris trinotata)

Beetle, Quince Curculio Weevil (Conotrachelus crataegi)

Beetle, Rhubarb Curculio Weevil (Lixus concavus)

Beetle, Rose Chafer (Macrodactylus subspinosus)

Beetle, Roundheaded Appletree Borer (Saperda candida)In Work

Beetle, Rove (Staphylinidae sp.)>See Beneficials

Beetle, Sap (Nitidula sp.)In Work

Beetle, Shothole Borer (Scolytus rugulosus)In Work

Beetle, Soldier (Podabrus tomentosus)>See Beneficials

Beetle, Soldier (Chauliognathus pennsylvanicus)>See Beneficials

Beetle, Southern Corn Rootworm>See Spotted Cucumber Beetle

Beetle, Southern Potato Wireworm (Conoderus falli)In Work

Beetle, Southern Powder Post (Lyctus planicollis)

Beetle, Spotted Asparagus (Crioceris duodecimpunctata)

Beetle, Spotted Cucumber (Diabrotica undecimpunctata)

Beetle, Spotted Grapevine (Pelidnota punctata)In Work

Beetle, Striped Blister(Epicauta vittata)

Beetle, Striped Cucumber (Acalymma vitatum)

Beetle, Striped Flea (Phyllotreta striolata)

Beetle, Sweetpotato Flea (Chaetocnema confinis)

Beetle, Sweetpotato Weevil (Cylas formicarius)

Beetle, Tiger (Tetracha viginica)See Beneficials

Beetle, Tobacco Flea (Epitrix hirtipennis)

Beetle, Tobacco Wireworm (Conderus vespertinus)In Work

Beetle, Varied Carpet (Anthrenus verbasci)

Beetle, Vegetable Weevil (Listroderes costirostris)

Beetle, Whitefringed (Graphognathus leucoloma)In Work

Beetle, Whitefringed Weevil (Graphognathus spp.)

Beetle, Willow  Borer (Agrilus politus)

Bollworm (See Moth, Corn Earworm)

Borer, European Corn (See Moth, European Corn Borer)

Borer, Flatheaded Appletree (See Beetle, Flatheaded Appletree Borer)

Borer, Fruittree Bark (See Beetle, Shothole Borer)

Borer, Grape Root (See Moth, Grape Root Borer)

Borer, Lesser Peachtree (See Moth, Lesser Peachtree Borer)

Borer, Limabean Pod (See Moth, Limabean Pod Borer)

Borer, Peachtree (See Moth, Peachtree Borer)

Borer, Plumtree (See Moth, Lesser Peachtree Borer)

Borer, Potato Stalk (See Weevil, Potato Stalk Borer)

Borer, Raspberry Crown (See Moth, Raspberry Crown Borer)

Borer, Roundheaded Appletree (See Beetle, Roundheaded Appletree Borer)

Borer, Shothole (See Beetle, Shothole Borer)

Borer, Southwestern Corn (See Moth, Southwestern Corn Borer)

Borer, Squash Vine (See Moth, Squash Vine Borer)

Bug, Apple Red (Lygidea mendax)In Work

Bug, Assassin (Family Reduviidae)See Beneficials

Bug, Bigeyed (Geocoris pallens)See Beneficials

Bug, Brown Stink (Euschistus servus)

Bug, Chinch (Blissus leucopterus) In Work

Bug, Consperse Stink (Euschistus conspersus)

Bug, Daw (See Beetle, June)

Bug, Eastern Boxelder (See Bug, Boxelder)

Bug, Eggplant Lace (Gargaphia solani)In Work

Bug, Fourlined Plant (Poecilocapsus lineatus)In Work

Bug, Green Stink (Acrosternum hilare)

Bug, Harlequin (Murgantia histrionica) 

Bug, Insidious Flower (See Bug, Minute Pirate)

Bug, Leaffooted (Leptoglossus phyllopus)In Work

Bug, Minute Pirate (Orius sp.)See Beneficials

Bug, Negro (Corimelaena pulicaria)In Work

Bug, Say Stink (Chlorochroa sayi))In Work

Bug, Southern Green Stink (Nezara viridula)

Bug, Squash (Anasa tristis)

Bug, Tarnished Plant (Lygus lineolaris)

Bug, Two-Spotted Stink (Perillus bioculatus) See Beneficials

Butterfly, Black Swallowtail (See Butterfly, Parsleyworm)

Butterfly, Cotton Square Borer (Strymon melinus)In Work

Butterfly, Giant Swallowtail (See Butterfly, Orangedog)

Butterfly, Hairstreak (See Butterfly, Cotton Square Borer)

Butterfly, Orangedog (Papilio cresphontes)In Work

Butterfly, Parsleyworm  (Papilio polyyxenes) In Work


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