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Welcome to Insect Help!


There are various Web sites available for learning about insects but they are primarily directed to insect hobbies, academic or agricultural activities. Many times other Web sites include insects not found in North America. This site, however, provides information primarily designed to be applied in the home garden or household by the average person in North America. Since many questions have been directed to me that are related to hobbies, I have also provided some information which is useful to amateur scientists, kids, fishermen and photographers. See Objectives for further information.

This site is intended for exchanging information with gardeners and others who are interested in learning to cope with insects by :

a. providing a form for submitting key information and questions about your specific insect problems. Click onFORM

b. providing feedback classification and advice concerning the forgoing insect(s) for your further action (this information will be returned to you via E-mail).

c. providing links to other resources and books for you to learn more about insects, diagnosing insect caused problems and insect control measures.

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The help provided by the author of this site is the best scientific based information, about which he is aware, but gardening is not an exact science due to the many unpredictable elements involved so the results can not be guaranteed. E-mail feedback is therefor invited to keep the author aware of successes and failures. Also let me know if you are the author of anything that appears to be illegally incorporated in violation of your copyrights.