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Symptoms of Insect Damage
Type Plant Part Portion Damage Pest Order
Leaf Whole Entire leaf except mid-vein Caterpillars, cankerworms, webworms, etc. Lepidoptera
Rolled, often tied together with silken threads. Moth leafrollers, leaftiers. Lepidoptera
Decaying vegetation. Millipedes, centipedes, sowbugs and pillbugs. Diplopoda, Chilopoda, Crustacea
Distinct portion missing. Margin notches. Adult vine weevil, etc. Coleoptera
Margin circular holes. Leaf cutter bees. Hymenoptera
Random small holes Beetles (chafers, weevils, etc.), grasshoppers. Coleoptera, Orthoptera
Irregular margin cuts. Beetles (weevils, etc.) Coleoptera
Surface Eaten (skeletonized). Slugs (look for slime trails), beetle larvae, pearslugs (pear sawfly larvae), elm leaf beetles, thrips, etc. Mollusca, Coleoptera, Hymenoptera, Thysanoptera
Internal Mined Boxwood, holly, birch, elm leaf miners. Lepidoptera
Leaf stalk Internal Bores into stalk. Larvae of moth or sawfly such as maple petiole borer. Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera
Twig Bark Eats around twig circumference. Vine weevil and twig girdling beetle. Coleoptera
Trunk or branch Cambium, xylum or solid wood. Bores into wood forming galleries and holes. Mountain pine beetle, European elm bark beetle, raspberry crown borer, Sequoia pitch moth, etc.. Coleoptera, Lepidoptera
Root Rootlets Chews off various rootlets. Sod webworm, Japanese beetle larvae, root weevil larvae. Lepidoptera, Coleoptera
Sucking Leaf Whole Spotting or stippling from insect toxins and enzymes. Aphids, leafhoppers and plant bugs are usual pest. Homoptera, Hemiptera
Curling or puckering due to severe toxin reaction. Severe aphid infestation. Homoptera
Margins, veins or whole leaf. Distorted new growth with leaf margins rolling, veins swelling or whole leaf distorted. Eriopyhid mites. Acarina
Surface Uniform stippling, flecking or chlorotic pattern. With spider mites there is fine webbing under leaf with eggs and frass. Adelgids on spruce needles or bronzing by lace bugs. Spider mites also cause damage. Homoptera, Hemiptera, Acarina
Random stippling. Leafhoppers, mites. Homoptera, Acarina
Leaf and stem. Whole Distortion associated with off-color foliage. Rose aphid, black cherry aphid, leaf curl plum aphid. Homoptera
Tissue Galls or swellings. Aphids, wasps, midges, mossyrose gall wasp, poplar petiole gall midge, azalea leaf gall. Homoptera, Hymenoptera, Diptera
Twigs Whole Splitting due to egg laying. Tree hoppers and cicadas. Homoptera
Root, stem, branch Whole or section. Poor color, reduced growth or dieback. Scales, mealybugs, pine needle scales. Homoptera
Whole plant Most parts. Reduced growth and chlorosis due to systemic toxin reaction. Psyllids, scale or mealy bugs. Homoptera

Last Update: 12/21/97

Name: Jim Hammond


The help provided by the author of this site is the best scientific based information, about which he is aware, but gardening is not an exact science due to the many unpredictable elements involved so the results can not be guaranteed. E-mail feedback is therefor invited to keep the author aware of successes and failures. Also let me know if you are the author of anything that appears to be illegally incorporated in violation of your copyrights.