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Pest Remedies-E:

Earwig, European (Forficula auricularia)

Order: Dermaptera; Family: Forficulidae


Adults, dark brown body which is wider than high, pincers on rear end of body, four wings with the front ones being leathery and hind wings folded up under the front wings.

Life Cycle:

White, round eggs are laid in a nest in the soil and tended by the female. When eggs hatch, the nymphs are cared for by the female. Nymphs develop eventually into adults.


Numerous young plants including fruit trees. Celery, corn, potato and strawberries are preferred hosts. Damage is usually minimal. It usually feeds on decayed organic matter.Night feeder. During the day it hides under debris.


Cultural - Till soil to destroy eggs.

Mechanical: Handpicking. Trapping with wet newspaper.

Biological - Tachinid flies.

Chemical - Rotenone. Various other sprays and baits are available at your nursery or hardware store. Follow label instructions carefully to avoid injury to your plant, yourself, your pets or the environment.

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