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Odonata (Beneficial Predators):

Dragonfly: Families Petaluridae, Gomphidae, Aeshnidae, Cordulegastridae, Macromiidae, Corduliidae, Libellulidae Dragonfly

Both adults and larvae are predaceous. They are very effective in reducing mosquito, midges and other fly populations. The nymphs prey on mosquito larvae while adults catch them inflight. Size ranges from 3/4" to 5" (19 - 131 mm) long. The adults hold their wings vertically because they can't hold them flat. Their wings move independently so they can fly both forward and backwards. They are very fast flyers.

Damselfly: Families Calopterygidae, Lestidae, Coenagrionidae Damselfly

Like dragonflies their adult and larvae stages are predaceous. They are also effective in reducing mosquito and midge (gnat) populations. Their larvae live in the water and feed mostly on larvae of aquatic flies. Their size is 1" - 2" (25 - 50 mm) in length. They hold their wings vertically to the rear because they can't fold them flat against their body.

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