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Hymenoptera (Beneficial Parasitoids):

Braconid Wasp: Family Braconidae Braconid Wasp

This common wasp is mostly brown or black and size is less than 1/4" (6 mm). Larvae are parasitic to are large variety of insects (they lay their eggs inside the host) and are important in control of a large number of economic pests including aphids. Some pupate in silken coccoons on the outside of the host. They do not bite or sting.

Chalcid Wasp: Family Chalcididae

Very common wasp , elbowed antenna, parasitic of a variety of insects. Colors are usually uniformly dark. Size is mostly less than 1/4" (5 mm).

Ichneumon Wasp: Family Ichneumonidae Ichneumon Wasp

Very common, slender, curved antenna, parasitic wasp which lays it's egg inside the host. Color varies in brown, black and yellows; some are brightly patterned. Most have large ovipositor for laying eggs. Some of the larger ones can sting when handled. Size is 1/8" - 1-9/16" (3 - 40 mm) in length. Each species is usually parasitic on a specific insect and most attack important garden pests. The larvae spins a coccoon when it finishes off it's host. They produce 1 - 2 generations per year.

Trichogramma Wasp: Family Trichogrammatidae Trichogramma Wasp

Very small, stocky, parasitic wasp. Size less than 1/32" (1 mm) in length. Some attack a variety of insect pest eggs including the corn earworm.

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