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Diptera (Beneficial Parasitoids):

Bee Fly: Family Bombyliidae

Usually stout bodied and hairy medium to large fly. Usually found on flowers or on the open ground with their wings held outstretched. Some have patterned wings and some have a very long proboscis. They do not sting or bite. Larvae are parasites of other insects.


Tachinid Fly Larvae: Family Tachinidae Tachinid FlyTachinid Fly Eggs on Caterpillar Host

Tachinid flies are large and bristly and bee or wasp-like in appearance. The adults lay eggs (see caterpillar above with Tachinid eggs attached) on their hosts such as butterflies, moths, beetles, sawflies, etc. The eggs subsequently hatch and the larvae eat the host, often leaving only a shell.

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